Design Optimization

We need to bring the design to the most ideal level within the needs and possibilities. Under the given boundary conditions; The method used to maximize the performance of the design where it will be used and to produce it at the lowest cost is called optimization.

All designs must be developable or adaptable. Design variations should support dimensional change without a change in production method or function. You can make your design process more efficient by optimizing your designs with SIMUNES difference.

Material selection

There are properties that limit the design for each material. Therefore, it should be chosen carefully.

Production Method

The manufacturing methods applied to the material affect the material properties. For example, there are methods such as casting, plastic forming, joining techniques, machining, powder metallurgy, rapid prototyping, etc. These methods affect the mechanical behavior of the product.

Sizing optimization

Applicable if the structural connection and cross-section shape are known but the shape geometry is unknown.

Topology optimization

Using topology optimization, in the given problem with an optimization target and a set of constraints, the best distribution of the material within the part is found. A set of constraints such as maximum stress/strain, displacement or natural frequency can be defined by the user for optimization analysis. We do this optimization to improve the performance of the product, to lighten the product, to work with wide material in the product. Below are some optimization options.

Shape optimization

Applicable if the structural connection is known but the cross-section shape is unknown.

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