Engineering Trainings

Complete analysis trainings in different disciplines

Analysis trainings in different disciplines, from beginner to advanced, are provided by expert analysis engineers within our company. Our analysis trainings are divided into 4 main disciplines. Add value to yourself by participating in the trainings we have prepared on multi-disciplinary engineering studies and challenging engineering solutions.

Finite element theory, geometry preparation, linear and non-linear static analysis, modal, shock and vibration analysis, implicit such as buckling and fatigue analysis, and explicit analysis training such as collision, explosion, ballistic and metal forming are provided within our company.
Analysis trainings for multi-physic problems such as finite volume theory, fluid properties, creation of CFD analysis model, inlet - outlet definitions, internal flow analysis, external flow analysis, heat transfer analysis, multi-phase flow analysis and fluid-solid interaction are provided within our company.
Trainings on low & high frequency definition, magnetic field/force,power loss analysis, radar cross section analysis, antenna design, power and signal integrity analysis are provided within our company.
In real life, engineering problems may not be solved with just a single physics. In this case, it will be necessary to conduct multidisciplinary engineering work. We offer comprehensive optimization solutions to our solution partners with different engineering physics (Structural, Fluid and Electromagnetic) and we shape our trainings in this field.

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